Viña Los Vascos
In the land of Los Vascos, cultivation is at our heart; cultivating not only vineyards but our dream to transform our vast land into a fruitful eco-system producing the most elegant Chilean wines. We are free spirited but remember our heritage. Our holistic approach encompasses and protects all - from our short-legged sheep clearing weeds without devouring precious grapes to our artisans honing hand-made knives to carefully tend the vines. We embody the Chilean paradox, meticulous in our work, easy going and warm in our personality. We are independent yet proud to cultivate our community because we are stronger and happier together.
Purchased in 1988 by Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite, Los Vascos has grown into a complex ecosystem where men and nature collaborate to produce wines of distinctive elegance.
The Quillay is an indigenous tree grown amongst the vines of Los Vascos. Our team uses its leaves and bark to make a decoction that helps protect the vines from harmful bugs in the most natural way. This Cabernet Sauvignon has seductive aromas of raspberry and cherry with undertones of Hazelnut and tobacco. A wine of great per

Cabernet sauvignon : 100%