Saga R
Generations of local knowledge have taught our grape growers the secrets of each appellation. They know where to source the best grapes to create the most outstanding wines.

The vintage
2021 will be remembered by Bordeaux winegrowers as one of the most difficult vintages to manage in the last thirty years: patience and dedication were required throughout the growing cycle. A heavy frost in the spring led to a historically low harvest (as in 1991 and 2017). The threat of diseases such as mildew reached unprecedented levels due to the conditions created by a cool, wet summer. Fine weather returned in August, enabling the grapes to ripen, but then rainy spells in September resulted in the development of botrytis. Harvesting began on 6 September for the Sauvignon, about 10 days later than in previous years. 2021 saw the return of an "old-fashioned" vintage, with moderate alcohol levels and very different alcohol/acidity balances from recent sunny vintages such as 2018 and 2020. The 2021 white Bordeaux is fresh, aromatic and harmonious.
Sauvignon blanc : 85%
Sémillon : 15%

Tasting notes
Beautiful pale straw color. The very expressive nose is dominated by aromas of grapefruit and exotic fruits. The mouth is aromatic, with a nice vivacity in the finish.