Aussières Le Milan Noir

Domaine d'Aussières
Aussières was built on a fertile ecosystem where nature and people come together to learn from each other and create. Our village is very much a living place, where dialogue is the cardinal value. A dialogue of many kinds: between the elements, between the generations that have labored its grounds, between its villagers and craftsmen, and between the wine world’s different schools of thought.That is what moves us forward, ultimately creating wines that tell a story of place, respect and nuance.

The vintage
The winter of 2020-2021 brought lower temperatures than the previous four vintages. The vines were hit by several successive frosts, with a particularly severe one during the night of 7 to 8 April that damaged some of the plots that were relatively advanced in the growth cycle. This was the most intense period of frost since 2017, and the most extensive that Domaine d'Aussières has experienced. The other significant weather factor was the very low rainfall, which delayed the restarting of the vines’ growth after the frost. The soil’s water reserves were only replenished at the very end of the season, after the harvest. These extreme weather conditions delayed the growth and development of the vines and the ripening of the grapes. The harvest started on 13 September, two weeks later than in 2020.
The weather was favourable during the harvests. A few days of rain interrupted the picking schedule, but they were welcome in that they helped the final stage of the late-ripening grape varieties.
Syrah : 30%
Grenache noir : 29%
Cabernet sauvignon : 12%
Alicante-henri-bouschet : 10%
Marselan : 10%
Merlot : 7%
Cabernet franc : 2%

Tasting notes
Beautiful dark, deep red colour with intense purple highlights.
The nose opens with notes of pomegranate, blackberry, strawberry and cherry, characteristic of this Languedoc vintage for the grape varieties that make up the blend. On the palate, after a direct, generous, smooth attack, the same black fruit emerge with a hint of liquorice. The wine then reveals its full complexity due to the excellent length created by the very refined, harmoniously structured tannins.