Légende R
The Lafite Rothschild family has been producing wine in Bordeaux since 1868. For six generations, they got to know this beautiful landscape and understand the unique traits of the vines from each appellation. Three decades ago, the family was inspired to create a new wine series, where each wine would be the epitome of the appellation it came from. Their motivation was simple – to ensure wine lovers everywhere could dive into Bordeaux and taste the originality of each appellation. And so, Légende R range was born.

The vintage
The late frosts that ravaged Bordeaux’s vineyards and many other wine regions in France and Europe on 27 and 28 April had a dramatic effect on the 2017 vintage. The harvest was the smallest recorded since 1991. Fortunately, the wines produced by the properties that were spared by the frost proved to be of excellent quality. The 2017 Bordeaux reds present finesse and balance in a fresh, oceanic vintage with lots of fruit and well-rounded flavours.
Cabernet sauvignon : 60%
Merlot : 40%

Nice colour with glints of crimson. Seductive nose, offering a broad aromatic palette in which scents of red fruit and blackberries mingle with roasted notes of mocha and toast from the barrel ageing. On the palate, the wine is generous and balanced, with a pleasant freshness and superb long finish.